Smart Lamp

For our capstone project at Wentworth, my group and I built a robotic desk lamp. The goal of the project was to create a robotized desk lamp which would autonomously adjust its position in order to keep a work area illuminated and provide focused task lighting.

To build the mechanical platform we purchased an existing desk lamp, stripped it down, and attached servos to actuated the joints using 3D printed brackets and gears. I designed a wrist mechanism to replace the lamp head, allowing the robot to control the orientation of the light independent of the rest of the arm.


This set of images shows the development of the wrist mechanism over time.

The lamp is controlled by a Raspberry PI 3 with an attached PWM hat.

I also wrote the software for this project. The control software has two major systems:

  • Servo Interface – Manages the PWM hat and the signals controlling the servos
  • Kinematics – Calculates how the arm needs to move to position the light

You can read more about how the kinematics layer works in this article.




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