Tapestry Game Engine


The Tapestry game engine is a 2D side-scroller engine written in C++ using the SDL2 library. Over the year+ of time I’ve dedicated to the project it’s grown from a window with a couple static images drifting around to a complex and powerful program that features actors, animation, sound, terrain & water physics, actor collisions, level loading, events, and particles among a number of other systems.

You can download and play a short demo build, just download, extract the .zip file, and run TapestryEngine.exe.

Download Demo Here


Developing this program has been an extremely fun and instructive process. It has presented me with a wide range of unique problems to solve and systems to engineer; from text wrapping and scrolling to writing my own red-black trees to JSON based level loading. This project continuously pushes my horizons as a programmer and always presents new challenges.



All the images shown are screenshots from levels created in the engine. Art assets created by Sofia Baptista.


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